Big Versus Small

This project all stemmed from my desire to give consumption animals a better, more humane life. I realize I am not tackling CAFOs and bringing some sort of big, grandiose full-on PETA styled assault to tear it all down. However, perhaps we just can’t move that quickly to bring everything to the ground and start up again.

Lets hope this challenge works towards bringing us a little closer to more humane treatment of animals, safer meat, a safer environment, and dare I say… more affordable meat??? 



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TNR- Trap Neuter Return

One of our major goals as an organization is to ultimately lower the numbers of strays in Taiwan.  We don’t believe in killing to reach our goals. Instead, we belive in education and TNR.

Here is one of our successful TNR missions.

Taking them in
First we capture the strays and bring them to the vet

First step is to capture the strays. Let me tell you, strays generally don’t want to be captured. This is quite a difficult step.

Some strays are friendly to people. Others stay far far away from people. Some will be easily lured by a snack. Others would rather find food on their own than get close to people.

The first step of capturing the strays can sometimes be the hardest!

vet then chill

Visit the vet, then finally give them a week's rest

Here we are putting our new friends into kennels and cages to rest for roughly a week.

After seeing the vet and getting neutered, our furry friends need roughly a week of down time to relax and heal up. Returning them into the wild or to the streets will render them susceptible to illness and infections.

If you are interested in TNR here is an indepth set of information for, in particular, cats.

Remember, education is always the first step to getting active!

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Fund Raising and Information Distribution

We had a fantastic event on April 10th, 2010 at the Luodong Night Market.

Fundraising fun

putting the fun back into Fundraising

This is a group shot of our group, fellow humane friends and some of our dog friends!

This event was co-hosted with the Yilan County Government Animal Shelter. They provide low cost micro chipping and bring dogs for those who are interested to adopt. (please remember to consider all factors, responsibilities and animal needs before adopting!)

If you are in the Yilan area and would like to microchip your pet, please bring it to either the Yilan County Shelter, to any vet or to us! We will gladly help you microchip your furry friend. Here are a few reasons why you may want to microchip your pal.

some furry friends who need a home

three furry pup friends who need a home

We bring a few sweet buddies to each of our events who really need homes.

This family of pups, one sister and two brothers, were found around the neighborhood. We took them in and have been caring for them ever since.

We adopted one of the boys out to a happy family! Just one sister and one brother left!

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting these cute pups, please email

sRaise awareness! join in on the walk!

Community dog walk to raise awareness

Later that day we had a community dog walk. Armed with our posters, doggie friends and our beliefs, we walked around the neighborhood handing out information, singing our slogans and hoping for the best. The dog walk was great and we achieved our goal: raising community awareness.

Kid fun

Kids can draw while adults peruse items for sale

Our event also had coloring sheets available for the children to enjoy. Here they are at work.

We host monthly events. So, if this one seems cool, come check us out next month!

Remember to facebook us at Humane Luodong

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sometimes when we see all the hundreds and hundreds of stray dogs in Taiwan, its easy to lose hope and wonder if we are doing any good. However, whenever we have a great success like this one, its time to celebrate!


a new family

pup has a new family

This little black puppy now has a home!

Humane Yilan was so fortunate to facilitate this joyous union!

Here, the young couple and puppy are taking a class on how to properly live together. Don’t be fooled into thinking bringing a pup home will be easy! Think again!

We hope that everyone who brings home a dog or cat adopts rather than purchases. The benefits of adopting are innumerable! Heres a list of just five.

Trainer, pup, family

Check out how happy everyone is to have a new member of the family!

here is the happy family posing with the trainer!

please adopt!

If you have any questions or if you’d like to adopt a lovely stray dog yourself, Humane Yilan will be happy to help!

Call: 0920902661-Jean

or email:

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April Party Wrap Up

Friends of Humane Yilan showed up and had boat loads of fun. I’d say thats a success.

Friends, Drinks and games always leads to fun

Good wholesome fun

So we raised a little bit of money that we plan on putting towards 1) CNR (capture, neuter, release) 2) educational efforts 3) future events
We’re hoping that with the growth of these events we can continue onwards towards our goals of helping strays and all animals in Taiwan

Well, it also helps that these sorts of get togethers are real fun as well!

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April 30th, 2010– Party time


This friday, April 30th, Humane Yilan will be having a small party to not only do a little bit of fundraising, but to get together with our friends and like minded folks who enjoy games and a little bit of snack and drink.

Part-A Humane Luodong Fun

Lets put the fun back in FUNdraiser!

the location is in Luodong, Yilan Taiwan.
Building Guan Tian Xia 7th floor, tower A. (across the street from the Sports Park)

Starts 5 pm– ends till we all call it a night.
lets meet up for gaming and fun. $350 NT cover gets you 8 drink tickets which can be exchanged for food as well.

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Hello, We’re Humane Yilan! <3

we're here for taiwan's animals, manWelcome to the very first Humane Yilan post!

We were orginally known as Humane Luodong, but we have decided to change our name to be viewed as not only care about the animals in Luodong City, but all animals in the entire county and by extension, all of Taiwan.

Humane Yilan is located in Luodong, Taiwan.
Our goals are:

  1. Increase local education concerning: animal welfare, neutering, abandonment
  2. Improve quality of life for pets and strays
  3. Decrease the number of stray animals

Please feel free to comment, contact us and get together to share!

Humane Yilan

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