sometimes when we see all the hundreds and hundreds of stray dogs in Taiwan, its easy to lose hope and wonder if we are doing any good. However, whenever we have a great success like this one, its time to celebrate!


a new family

pup has a new family

This little black puppy now has a home!

Humane Yilan was so fortunate to facilitate this joyous union!

Here, the young couple and puppy are taking a class on how to properly live together. Don’t be fooled into thinking bringing a pup home will be easy! Think again!

We hope that everyone who brings home a dog or cat adopts rather than purchases. The benefits of adopting are innumerable! Heres a list of just five.

Trainer, pup, family

Check out how happy everyone is to have a new member of the family!

here is the happy family posing with the trainer!

please adopt!

If you have any questions or if you’d like to adopt a lovely stray dog yourself, Humane Yilan will be happy to help!

Call: 0920902661-Jean

or email:


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