TNR- Trap Neuter Return

One of our major goals as an organization is to ultimately lower the numbers of strays in Taiwan.  We don’t believe in killing to reach our goals. Instead, we belive in education and TNR.

Here is one of our successful TNR missions.

Taking them in
First we capture the strays and bring them to the vet

First step is to capture the strays. Let me tell you, strays generally don’t want to be captured. This is quite a difficult step.

Some strays are friendly to people. Others stay far far away from people. Some will be easily lured by a snack. Others would rather find food on their own than get close to people.

The first step of capturing the strays can sometimes be the hardest!

vet then chill

Visit the vet, then finally give them a week's rest

Here we are putting our new friends into kennels and cages to rest for roughly a week.

After seeing the vet and getting neutered, our furry friends need roughly a week of down time to relax and heal up. Returning them into the wild or to the streets will render them susceptible to illness and infections.

If you are interested in TNR here is an indepth set of information for, in particular, cats.

Remember, education is always the first step to getting active!


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