Humane Yilan is an animal education group based in Luodong, Taiwan.

We focus on educating the local community about neutering, microchipping, the harms of abandonment and how to treat not only pets, but strays as well. We strive to ultimately lower the number of strays in not only Yilan but eventually all of Taiwan.


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    David said,

    My name is David. I am a Dentist from the United States but living in Germany and working on Americans. I am planning to visit Yilan City within the next 2 months. I am interested in seeing your humane center. Do you need volunteers to walk the dogs?


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      humaneyilan said,

      Hi David,

      thanks for reaching out! I really appreciate it!

      so there is no central facility where Humane Yilan works out of. However, you should still feel welcome to join in on the activities. There are bimonthly major community events with free spay/neutering. You can work with Humane Luodong to connect with local hospitals, vets, and medical professionals.

      Also, do you speak Chinese? I have left the organization to return to my home in the US and pursue further education. The organization is in the wonderful hands of my colleagues, Ting ting and Alice. You can more easily reach them via facebook, but their Chinese is much stronger than their English.

      You can also reach out to my friend Sean McCormack in Taipei.
      He is from the UK and has started several animal organizations in Taiwan.

      Please let me know if you need any help whatsoever. I am more than glad to help.


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