Founder: Jean Hon


My name is Jean Hon. I started Humane Yilan back when it was called Humane Luodong all the way in September 2009.

I am originally from New York City and flew to Taiwan under a Fulbright Scholarship. Sadly, upon arrival, I was so appalled by the sheer numbers and abject conditions strays faced on a daily basis that I decided I could not stay in Taiwan and remain idle. There were no dog friendly groups I could find in Yilan, Taiwan. Therefore, I created my own: Humane Luodong.

Humane Luodong grew in size and was recently changed to Humane Yilan. The numbers of Taiwanese and foreigners looking to make a chance is amazing and gives me faith that my work will truly render results.

strays are abound

Taiwan is a very wonderful place filled with natural wonders, kind people and great things to do left and right. Their 2008 National Gross Domestic Product ranked 19th highest in the entire world. A nation this strong, rich and filled with kindhearted people should not have such a large number of strays (1.3 million) and should be working harder for a stray free land where pets and people live harmoniously and happily together.

I’ve always loved animals. Here is my dog back in New York City.
The bestest little guy


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